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Recovery in Worcester

Recovery in Worcester is a program that engages dialogue and interviews about drug education and prevention, while demonstrating compassion toward recovery. You'll hear from nurses, prevention specialists, elected officials and news makers from Central Massachusetts. You'll hear from our young people, who are learning about substance abuse and prevention. You'll also hear, first hand, from those in recovery, as they share their life experiences of strength and hope. Remember, recovery is possible for everyone!


Recovery in Worcester host, Carmen Hicks, and co-host Michael Earielo, speak with Paul Richard, Executive Director of The Shine Initiative ( The SHINE Initiative will be a leader in the effort to recognize mental illness in children and young adults as a mainstream health issue.


Recovery in Worcester host, Carmen Hicks, and co-host Michael Earielo, share the "Healing Voices" movie's message of recovery, empowerment, hope and healing to people with lived experience with mental health issues, trauma, and/or extreme states.                 The program guests were:

Healing voices - The Movie 

  • Oryx Cohen, Co-Producer

KIVA Center 

  • Vesper Moore, Community Bridger
  • James Hicks, Peer Facilitator and Leader 

Recovery in Worcester host, Carmen Hicks, discussed the growing epidemic of opioid addiction in Worcester, with representatives from local community organizations. The program guests were:


  • Mary Beth Papcsy, Public Relations Specialist
  • Kate Toomey, Community Services Representative
  • Stephanie Pratico, Outpatient Clinician

YWCA of Central Mass. - Girl's CHOICE 

  • Jessica Diaz, Program Director 
  • Gabrielle Fricke, Case Manager 

KIVA Center 

  • James Hicks, Community Liaison